What are some good date plans for a long-term relationship?

At the beginning of a romantic relationship, everything is always wonderful, then, in months, years, the passion withers. However, in some couples, it remains intact. What is their secret and how do they make love from the first date?

So how do you manage to make a couple last in harmony, despite the daily life that undermines love, the evolution of the other as well as all the flat responsibilities, once the passion subsides? It seems to me that we get very few answers and we learn very little about it, right? Leaving aside online dating websites, I also need to know how to maintain a relationship after this stage.

Tips to maintain your long-term passion

After the first months of a romantic relationship, 59% of men and 42% of women feel less wanted, what can be done to rekindle the flame?

Be emotional: hugs, tenderness, empathy are important behaviors to keep.

To be complicit: to feel “on the same wavelength”, to share the same pleasures at the same time during intercourse keeps the desire, the envy. Make time: don’t rush through foreplay just because we know each other well, make time to love each other, and make the pleasure last more than 30 minutes.

Feel free to dare: to express your desires, desires (new atmospheres, new positions …) and to share them with the other provided you agree, of course, to maintain the passion.

Accept and make peace with certain issues

Yes, the mental load exists and yes it is very possible to do more than it. And yes, it is sad and outrageous. But at the same time, it goes without saying that your boyfriend is well-intentioned, he is left with only one person with his qualities and flaws, who has been raised in a certain way and has a different perspective than you.

Express your gratitude

This is a strategy that, according to broadbandgenie, says that one of the most consistent characteristics of happy and well-adjusted people is the spirit of gratitude they feel for their own lives.

Remember what we like about each other

Unfortunately, it is very easy not to see something that is right in front of us and it happens to many couples. Living together reveals all the little irritants that take up more space than the important real things, such as basic compatibility, how long we are together, what you have built, common values, the way to see life and the future, and so on.

Be present and attentive

This is the best advice from marriage therapist Stan Tatkin: For the other person to feel loved, all you need is constant presence and attention. It may seem obvious, but in an “old couple” dynamic, it is very easy to establish a routine in which everyone lives in parallel and everything becomes automatic.

Give small compliments or call your partner spontaneously

Be aware that multiple positive remarks are often required to clear a single negative remark. So take the time to compliment your girlfriend on her new shoes or, on the contrary, make a positive comment about your boyfriend’s new sweater. Feel free to call your husband’s office just to greet him and remember to thank him often for the help you receive from your husband and when you do, do it honestly and look each other in the eye.

Choose the right time to have a more serious conversation with your partner

Don’t start a heated discussion if you’re not resting or eating. Fatigue and hunger can cause you to make hateful remarks and release negative thoughts. Avoid alcohol for the same reasons. Instead, wait until you can fry your reconciliation.

Never try to resolve a confrontational situation if you are distracted by something. Turn off your TV, move your smartphone, and turn off your computer. If you’re bothered by an external factor, postpone the discussion. You will not be able to solve anything on the go.

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