Ultimate Protection: JETech iPhone X/Xs Frosted Translucent Case Review

When it comes to protecting our precious⁣ iPhone Xs, we want nothing but the ⁤best. That’s why we⁤ recently got ⁣our hands on the JETech Matte Case for iPhone Xs and iPhone⁣ X 5.8-Inch, and let us tell you, it⁤ did not disappoint. This shockproof military-grade drop protection case⁢ not only offers top-notch ‍security⁣ for our device, but it​ also comes with a frosted translucent ​back that adds⁤ a touch of style ⁤to⁢ our phone.

One of the things we love most about this case⁢ is its anti-fingerprint feature. The matte back keeps smudges and fingerprints at bay, leaving our phone looking clean and pristine at⁢ all times. Plus, the raised edges provide extra protection ⁢for the camera and screen, ensuring that our device⁤ stays scratch-free.

What’s more,⁤ the slim profile of the case⁢ doesn’t add ⁢bulk to our phone, making it easy to slip⁣ into our pocket or bag. And don’t even get us started on the ‌ultimate touch feeling ⁤and excellent grip it offers thanks to the flexible​ TPU frame and hard PC back.

Overall, we’re impressed​ by the durability, aesthetics, and functionality of the JETech ⁣Matte Case⁢ for iPhone Xs. It truly⁤ is⁤ a⁤ game-changer when it ‌comes‍ to protecting our beloved device. If you’re in the market for a reliable ​and‍ stylish phone cover, ‌look no further than this gem.

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Looking for a stylish and protective case for your⁢ iPhone‌ Xs or ⁢iPhone X? Look no further!​ We are thrilled to introduce the JETech Matte Case. This case not only offers military-grade drop protection but ⁤also features a frosted translucent back that⁤ beautifully showcases your⁢ phone’s ‌logo.⁤ The matte ⁤back is designed to keep ⁣away‍ fingerprints and scratches, ensuring your phone‌ stays⁣ looking ⁢clean and⁣ pristine ⁢at⁢ all times.

With raised edges⁢ to safeguard your screen and camera, this case ⁢is both functional and⁢ sleek.⁤ The ⁢slim profile ensures that your phone⁣ won’t look bulky,‌ while still providing ultimate protection. Plus, the precise cutouts allow for easy access to all features and controls. Don’t compromise⁣ on style ‌or protection – get ⁣your hands on the JETech Matte Case today! Check it out ⁣here.

Overview ⁣of the JETech Matte Case for iPhone Xs and iPhone⁤ X 5.8-Inch

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The JETech Matte ⁣Case for iPhone ⁣Xs and iPhone ⁤X 5. offers a perfect combination of style and‍ protection.⁢ Constructed‌ with a ‌flexible‍ TPU frame and ⁤hard PC back, this case⁢ provides ultimate touch feeling and excellent grip. ‍The translucent​ back⁢ allows you to showcase your phone’s delicate logo, while​ the matte finish keeps away smudges,‍ fingerprints, and⁢ scratches. The raised edges ensure the safety ⁣of your screen ‌and ⁣camera, while ⁢precise⁤ cutouts offer full access to all features⁢ and controls. Plus,⁣ the slim profile of this case ⁣maintains the sleek​ look of your​ phone without compromising compatibility with wireless charging.

In terms of durability, this case is military grade shockproof⁤ certified for a 6 feet drop test. Its shock-absorbing cornered-cushions provide extra⁤ protection against severe damage, making it a reliable choice‍ for those who want to keep their⁣ device safe and secure. With the ⁢JETech ​Matte⁤ Case, you can enjoy ‌peace​ of mind⁣ knowing ⁢that your iPhone Xs ⁢or iPhone X is​ well-protected without sacrificing style or functionality. Upgrade ⁤your phone⁣ protection ⁣today ‍and get yours ‌now at Amazon.com.

Key Features:

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When ‌it comes ⁤to protection, this ⁣case has got you ⁢covered. With military ​grade shockproof certification and shock-absorbing ⁢cornered-cushions,⁤ your iPhone ⁣Xs ‌or X is safeguarded against damage from drops of up to 6 feet. The raised edges also provide additional protection for your screen⁣ and⁣ camera, helping to prevent ⁣scratches‌ when​ your phone is laid flat. Plus,​ the precise cutouts ensure you have full access to all your phone’s⁤ features ⁤and controls.

Not​ only does⁤ this case⁤ offer top-notch protection, but it also boasts a slim profile that won’t⁢ add bulk to your ‍device. The matte translucent back not only gives you an excellent grip, ⁤but it ⁤also keeps smudges, fingerprints, and scratches at‍ bay. So ‌you can keep your phone looking clean and sleek at⁣ all times. If you’re looking for‌ a phone case that combines style and functionality, this is the one for you!

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Highlighting ​the Shockproof Military Grade Drop Protection and Anti-Fingerprint design

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When it comes to protecting my iPhone Xs, I want a case that offers‍ more than just basic coverage. That’s why I​ turned​ to the JETech Matte Case for iPhone Xs and iPhone ⁢X 5.8-Inch. The shockproof military grade drop protection gives me peace of mind, knowing that my device is safe from accidental​ bumps and falls. Plus, the frosted translucent back adds‌ a modern touch ‍to my phone while ‌still allowing me to show off the ⁣Apple logo.

One of my​ favorite features of this case is the anti-fingerprint design. The ‌matte⁣ back ‍keeps smudges and fingerprints at bay, so my phone always looks sleek and⁣ clean. The raised‌ edges ⁢also provide extra protection for the camera and screen, preventing scratches when I place my phone face-down. With precise cutouts⁢ for all ⁢the buttons ⁣and ports, I can easily access all the​ features of my ‍iPhone X without any hassle. If you ‌want ⁣a stylish case that⁢ offers superior protection, check out the JETech Matte Case ‍for‌ iPhone⁢ Xs and iPhone ​X 5.8-Inch today! Check it ⁢out here!

Detailed Insights:

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Our detailed‌ insights into the JETech Matte Case for iPhone ​Xs and iPhone ​X 5.8-Inch reveal a‍ thoughtful design that combines aesthetics and functionality. The flexible TPU frame and hard PC ​back provide a comfortable grip and ultimate touch feeling, ⁤while the matte translucent⁢ back allows you to showcase your phone’s logo without​ worrying about smudges ‍or fingerprints.

The military-grade ‍drop protection ensures that your phone is safeguarded against severe‍ damage, with shock-absorbing cornered cushions that⁣ offer extra defense. Additionally, the slim ⁣profile of the case maintains the sleek look⁣ of your iPhone Xs/X ‍without compromising on protection. With⁤ precise cutouts for ⁢full access to features and⁣ controls, this case offers a perfect blend of style and security.

Check out the JETech ‌Matte‍ Case on Amazon for ‍the perfect⁤ balance of style ⁤and protection!

Examining the frosted translucent back phone ⁣cover​ and its impact on overall user ⁢experience

The frosted translucent back‍ of the JETech Matte Case for iPhone Xs and iPhone X adds a unique touch to ‌the ⁣overall user experience. Not only does‍ it allow you to still‍ admire your phone’s delicate logo, but⁤ it‌ also provides an⁢ excellent grip and touch feeling. The matte back keeps fingerprints, smudges,⁢ and ‌scratches at bay, ​ensuring a⁢ clean and sleek appearance at ‌all ⁢times.

In addition‍ to its aesthetic appeal, the frosted translucent back also plays a significant role in⁢ protecting ⁣your device. ‍The raised edges safeguard⁣ the screen ⁣and camera from surface scratches when placed horizontally, while the ‌precise cutouts grant full ‌access​ to all features and controls. With military⁢ grade shockproof certification and shock-absorbing​ cornered-cushions,​ this⁢ phone cover offers ultimate protection without compromising on style. Upgrade your phone’s defense with the JETech Matte Case and⁤ experience the difference for yourself.


After​ putting the JETech ⁣Matte Case for iPhone Xs and iPhone X 5.8-Inch to the​ test, we can confidently say‍ that this phone cover exceeded our expectations in‍ terms of protection and⁤ aesthetics. The ​military-grade drop protection gave us peace of mind⁣ knowing our device‌ was safeguarded ⁤against⁢ accidental bumps‌ and⁤ drops. The matte translucent‍ back not only provided a sleek ​look but also ‍prevented annoying fingerprints and smudges,⁣ keeping​ our‍ phone looking clean and pristine at ⁤all times.

Additionally,⁢ the slim profile ⁢of⁤ the case maintained the sleek design of the iPhone Xs ​and X, ensuring compatibility with wireless charging while still‌ offering‌ full accessibility to all features and controls. The raised edges around the screen and camera provided extra protection against scratches when placing the phone ⁤face down. Overall, we highly recommend the JETech Matte⁤ Case for iPhone Xs and iPhone X 5.8-Inch‍ to⁢ anyone looking for a durable, stylish,⁢ and⁣ practical phone ‌cover.

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Specific‌ recommendations ⁤for those looking for a durable‌ and stylish phone case for their iPhone‍ Xs and iPhone X

Looking for a phone case that combines ⁤durability‍ and style for​ your iPhone Xs or iPhone X? Look no further⁣ than⁣ the⁣ JETech Matte Case. This sleek case offers military-grade drop protection, ensuring your phone stays safe ⁤even in the ‌most ‌unexpected accidents. The frosted translucent back adds a touch of elegance to your device, while the anti-fingerprint design keeps your case looking clean and pristine all the time.

Made‌ with a flexible TPU⁤ frame and a hard ⁤PC back, this ​case provides the perfect balance between⁣ protection and aesthetics. The raised edges safeguard your screen and​ camera from scratches, while still allowing easy access to all controls and features. Plus, its ⁣slim⁤ profile ⁤won’t add ‍bulk to your‌ phone, maintaining⁢ its sleek design. Upgrade your phone⁤ protection with the JETech Matte​ Case⁣ now and enjoy a combination⁤ of‌ style and durability ​that is ‌unmatched. Visit the ⁤link below to get yours today: Get your JETech Matte‌ Case ‌now!.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After ⁣analyzing customer reviews ​for the JETech Matte Case for ⁤iPhone Xs and iPhone X, we⁣ found a variety of opinions on this product. Here is a summary of what customers had to say:

Positive Reviews Negative Reviews
Would definitely buy again
Exactly what I needed
Great quality
Perfect fit
This⁤ case fits well,‍ good quality, worth the cost
Fits ⁣great, really ⁢nice case!
Great Case. Great Price. ‌Love It.
Belle​ coque, à la fois fine et ⁤costaud, à voir dans la ⁤durée‌ mais je suis satisfait pour le moment. L’arrière transparent est très joli.
Robusta, esteticamente⁤ molto bella, non ingombrante, fa ⁤il proprio dovere. Consigliata.
Sturdy and solid case but too slick
Slippery‍ case causes frequent dropping
Cumple lo ⁢que promete. Excelente‍ relación precio-calidad. Ampliamente recomendable.

Overall, customers ‍seem to be⁢ divided on this product. While some ⁣love ‍the quality, fit, and design⁢ of the⁢ case, others find it too slippery and prone ​to dropping. It ⁣appears to be a⁣ matter of personal ⁣preference and how one typically handles their phone. We recommend considering ​these factors before purchasing the JETech Matte Case for iPhone Xs and iPhone X.

Pros & Cons

Pros ​& Cons


Military Grade ​Drop Protection
Frosted Translucent Back
Shock-absorbing cornered-cushions
Flexible TPU frame and ​hard ⁣PC back


May‍ add slight bulk to the phone
Translucent back may show some smudges

Overall, the ‍JETech Matte Case for iPhone Xs and ‌iPhone X ​offers excellent⁣ military-grade‌ drop protection and a stylish frosted translucent back. While it may add a⁢ bit of ⁤bulk to ⁢the phone, the‌ anti-fingerprint feature helps keep it clean and scratch-free. It’s a great‌ option for those ⁢looking ​for both style and protection for their iPhone X/Xs.‌


Q: Does this ⁢case provide‍ enough protection for my⁣ iPhone ‌X/Xs?
A: Absolutely! The⁤ JETech Matte‌ Case is certified ⁢as⁣ military ⁣grade shockproof for a 6 feet drop test, so you can trust that your phone is well-protected.

Q: Will the matte back of the case show⁣ fingerprints?
A:​ No, the matte back is designed to keep away smudges, ​fingerprints, and scratches, so you can enjoy a clean and sleek look for your phone.

Q: Can I still access all the features and controls of my‌ phone with this case ‌on?
A: ⁢Yes, the case has⁤ precise cutouts⁣ that allow full access to all features and controls, so you won’t have any issues using‍ your phone with the ‍case on.

Q: Does ⁢the case add bulk to my phone?
A: Not at all! The slim‍ profile of ⁣the case is designed to ‌fit the iPhone X/Xs perfectly without adding any bulk,‌ so you⁢ can⁢ enjoy both aesthetics and protection.

Q: Is ‌this case compatible with⁣ wireless ⁣charging?
A: Yes, the case​ is designed to be compatible‍ with wireless charging, so you won’t have to sacrifice ‌convenience for protection.

Experience the Difference

As⁤ we ⁢wrap up our review of the JETech Matte Case for iPhone Xs and iPhone X, we are impressed by its military-grade protection, sleek design, and anti-fingerprint features. This ⁤case ⁤truly offers the ultimate protection for your phone while ‌maintaining a slim profile.

If you’re looking for a ⁢durable and stylish phone ⁢cover that won’t add bulk to your device, we ⁢highly recommend‍ checking out the JETech⁣ Frosted Translucent Case. Say goodbye to smudges and ⁣scratches and ‌hello to‍ a clean and sleek look for your iPhone⁢ X/Xs.

Ready⁤ to give your phone the protection it deserves? ⁤Click ⁤here to get your⁣ hands on the JETech Matte Case now: Get it here!

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